I'm Not Her Anymore Track 01 - 4:02


My life is a mountain

That always seems too high

Where the trail is only mastered

For a limited amount of time

But when the wind sweeps me off my feet

And carries me to a new height

I look around, I’m too far off the ground

To just give up the fight



Yeah, it’s a long way down

And I can’t look back ’cause

I’m not her anymore

No matter what they say

I am changed and

Now I live to follow You, Lord

And even though this road is rocky

And all these demons stand in my way

I find the narrow path and take Your hand

Knowing that I’m already saved



When my days grows darker

And I feel like I’ve lost my way

And the devil walks behind me

Reminding me of my old days

Yeah, that’s when You sweep me off my feet

And tell me there’s more to life

Lifting my face, You wipe away the tears

That blur my view of a clear blue sky



And I won’t waste time

On the borderline

Of mediocre, plain, average life

I’m gonna climb this mountain

And drink from the fountain

Of the only thing that satisfies


Yeah, it’s a long way down

And I can’t look back ’cause

I’m not her anymore

Make Me Clean Track 04 - 4:26


Walking through a fire

Isn’t quite what I had planned for my own life

But my desire

Is for You to take my wrongs and make them right

Now I see

That this is just Your will for me

And I’ve gotta feel the heat

For you to make me clean again

Yeah, yeah

Make me clean again

Yeah, yeah



Make me clean

Make me bright

I wanna shine for You, Lord, all my life

You’re the only one I live for

Take my heart

Make it new

Jesus, show me what I mean to You

That I’m the one You gave Your life for

To make me clean

So make me clean



I wanna be everything You’ve called me to be

I’m tired of the mystery

Of who I am and what I’m here for

Take me back to innocence

Where maybe this would make more sense

Of who I am and what I’m here for



There’s nothing I could do

To save myself from my own shame

That’s why I look to You

To forget my past and change my name

To something beautiful

I wanna be beautiful


Make me clean

Make me bright

I wanna shine for You, Lord, all my life

You’re the only one I live for

Already Mine Track 02 - 3:58


Please tell me

How does this work again

You love me

Regardless of all of my sin

Why would

You ever love such a

Wretched girl

Confused in her own little world



Take my hand

Walk me through this

I don’t understand

How this whole mercy and grace

Thing works

That’s when You tell me to

Just believe

Your love is already mine


But I don’t comprehend

Tell me once again ’cause



I don’t get it

When You say that

It’s already mine

Don’t deserve it

Try to earn it

Am I losing my mind

Please remind me

One more time

I forget get it

When You say that

It’s already mine

Already mine



In Your Word

I see Your promises

And I’ve heard

So many times that I’ve

Been set free

But still I refuse to believe

How could You possibly still want me



Then with child-like faith

I fall at Your feet

Oh, pleading with You

To please help me see

Then You say, “My daughter

Rise up from the floor.

No more confusion

I’m already yours.”

Excuses Track 05 - 4:06


Wake up in the morning

And open my tired eyes

I jump onto my feet

Not down on my knees

I forgot You, what a surprise

I know I should be thanking You

For the blessings in my wonderful life

But the list of responsibilities

Is all that’s on my mind



I keep making excuses

Running away from You

There’s just not enough time

So many things for me to do

You don’t know my busy schedule

Got so many things to juggle

Work and school and bible study

Volunteering, someone help me

I’ve done it again

I left no time for You

What do I do?

Oh, Jesus, I need you



I rush to get ready

Before I know it I’m out the door

I feel my heart start sinking down

I know I need something more



Now I’m gonna put You first in the morning

Before I’m swept away

‘Cause the day’s like an ocean tide

Where I need to see Your face

So I can walk on water

I wanna walk on water


(End Chorus)

I’m done making excuses

And running away from You

I’ve got plenty of time

That I’ll set aside and spend with You

‘Cause You know everything about me

All my cares and all my worries

You can take them all away

As long as I am here to stay

Jesus, I need You

Oh, Jesus, I need You

Jesus, I need You

Down In My Soul Track 03 - 2:57


Some people wonder why they’re going under

And the waves of this world are crashing down

The sunshine is hiding and they got trouble finding

A ship that will take them to solid ground

If you would let me, I would like to share with you

An unending Joy that I have found

His name is Jesus

He came just to save us

And He turned my whole life around



I got joy down in my soul

Wanna share it with the whole world

Let everybody know

You’re the reason why I smile

I got joy down in my soul

It can never rain on my parade

‘Cause I’m riding on Your float

Forever and ever and ever




It might not be easy, sometimes you’ll feel queezy

When a situation just isn’t right

There’ll always be darkness and things in the shadows

But I can lead you to the Light

He promises blessings, a hope and a future

To those that will keep Him in their sight

Yeah, He is the Father

You won’t find another

In you He will always delight



Oh, no

You won’t let me go

Not a cloudy day

Not a hurricane

Could ever steal my joy

It could never steal my joy

Best of Me Track 06 - 4:41


Remember that sunny day in April

When you told me you would never give up

Then I said, “Don’t waste your time on me

Because I’ve given up on fairytale love.

And I’m focusing on things from above.”

Who would’ve known that you would be my blessing

And the answer to all of my prayers



Now I’m head over heals for you

Fallin’ so deep for you

Got me down on my knees

When you’re gone, yes, I cry for you

Baby, I would die for you

Give you everything you need

Like I’m giving you the best of me



I look back and wonder

If I ever had a clue

That someday I’d be playing

A love song I wrote for you

Thanking God that the search is through

Then reality sets in



Waiting my whole life

Trusting in my God

Searching for my love


Not even knowing it’s you

It’s you…